1.  No outside food or beverages (including bottled water, coffee, candy, chips, etc.) are allowed on the premises, violation of this policy will result in your being escorted off the premises WITHOUT ANY REFUND.

2.  FOOD PERMITS are not available at this time

3.  ALL OUTSIDE FOOD and BEVERAGES are prohibited. The STBL Cine World depends upon its Restaurant/concession sales to keep its workers employed.

5.  Diabetic Medical Supplies are not considered Outside Food or Beverage:
       * Glucose tablets
       * Glucagon
       * Glucerna drink or similar diabetic product
       * Hard candies
       * Unopened water bottles in Emergency kit (limit 4)

6.  Medicines or their delivery systems or monitoring devices have never been prohibited and are not prohibited.These items are not considered outside food or beverage.

  Other Food Products permitted:
       * Ensure or like product
       * Parental nutrition suppliest
       * Gastric food supplies
       * Pureed foods (limit 4)
       * Baby food
       * Baby formula

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