1.  No ball playing on the playground-- if you want to play ball use the other grassy areas.

2.  Speed limit on theatre property is 5 KPH

3.  No Alcoholic Beverages or drugs permitted at any time.

5.  Use only one parking space-please put blankets and chairs in front of your vehicle

6.  Use parking lights during show times.

7.  Please be sure to check around your vehicle before you leave for the evening to make sure you have not forgotten anything or anyone and that your vehicle is clear from hitting any obstacles.

8.  Please use the theatre exits-- they are in the opposite direction from how you came into the theatre.

9.  No profanity will be tolerated; customers that become obnoxious are subject to explosion.

10. No Laser pointers allowed

11.  No cam-cording the movies-- this is illegal and the police will be called!

12.  No switching screens- this is against the movie contracts. Should you want to see a movie on the other screen- you are certainly able to pay for it and then move to the other screen.

13.  Please put all trash into trash containers provided around the theatre-- please do not throw it on the ground!

14.  No sitting on top of your vehicle roof during the movies

15. The playground closes when the movies begin- please do not allow children to continue to play on the playground during the movies. 

16.  Have fun and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

17.  Please bear with our security personnel’s.

18.  In Case of occurrence of rain in the middle of the movie amount will not be refunded

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